New to Ashtanga

Ways to Begin at AYS

There are many ways to start learning Ashtanga Yoga at the Ashtanga Yoga School of Philadelphia. Please read below and find the best option for yourself. We purposely have four choices for you to find your preferred style of learning.

1) Introduction to Ashtanga Course

Choose from three options:

Monday-Thursday 6:15-7:30am
Friday 7:00-8:30am
Monday-Thursday 7:45-9:00am
Friday 7:00-8:30am 

Monday-Thursday 6:00-7:15pm

*Find session start dates here

This class will introduce you to the mysore style class, the traditional, individualized method that characterizes Ashtanga yoga. This is a month long 5 days a week intro to Ashtanga that will provide you with a serious, fun, and safe environment to make a significant beginning in Ashtanga yoga. By learning one posture at a time, you’ll memorize the sequence of postures that make up the introductory or primary series. As you become skilled in performing a posture you’ll be taught the next posture in the sequence. Day by day, posture by posture, through concentration and repetition you will gradually learn the asana’s and transitions that make up Ashtanga’s first series. By attending class in the daily intensive setting, you’ll quickly become comfortable with the mysore style learning format and you’ll see how effective the method can be in helping you create a personal practice. This course will prepare you to participate in the ongoing mysore program at AYSP. Class is limited to five students.

Register online through Mind Body Online or email us at

2) The Mysore Class

The best way for beginners and new students to begin practicing at AYS is by studying in the ongoing Mysore Class. We require a commitment of at least 3 days a week for one month but also recommend that you attend class daily. When you are ready to begin either contact us or simply show up to a scheduled Mysore class (please take into account moon day calendar for scheduled rest days). Before attending the class please fill out our information form, sign our waiver and make your payment. Because we prefer that you attend classes for at least a month in order to receive proper instruction, we do not allow ‘trial’ drop in classes for new students. Instead we ask students who are uncertain about learning Ashtanga to come and observe a class. If you decide that you’d like to join in, then talk to the teacher about the details of getting started. There is no need to make an appointment to observe a class- just stop by whenever a Mysore class is scheduled. Learn more about the Mysore Class here. View the schedule here.

3) Private Classes

You can begin comfortably in your home or at our studio with one to one instruction.
Contact David at (206) 330-9216 or Elizabeth at (609) 922-9836 or email for more information on one-to-one lessons.

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