In-depth Studies

In-depth Studies with David Garrigues

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David’s in-depth studies center around 3 main themes:

1) Asana study and Theory
2) Pranayama
3) Chanting and study of sacred texts
(including Yoga sutra’s, Shiva Samhita, Bhagavad Gita, and stories from Hindu mythology)

1) Asana study and theory

The study of ashtanga yoga is centered around an ever deepening and refining process of meditation and self reflection through practicing asana and pranayama. This long term practice is a means to awakening and developing your inner life, to directing your consciousness inward so that you can find Beauty, Knowledge, Art, Self, Friend, or Divine Source. You do this by invitation and by wrestling! Each day, using your best manners, you invite your self into a psychological and spiritual wrestling match with your self. And so every aspect of this in depth study course aims to feed and further develop your ability to win wisdom from this grand inner wrestling match that we are each involved in with ourselves.

primaryIndepth2) Pranayama

The pranayama classes will include the basic elements for establishing a separate, independent breathing practice including learning to refine ujjayi (victorious breath), and practicing such techniques as viloma (interrupting the breath), and khumbhaka (retaining the breath). You’ll learn the fine points of how to set up both a supine and a seated position. Additionally through these daily sessions you will see how to apply the study of breathing to your asana practice with more awareness and skill.

 3) Chanting and study of Yoga Sutras and other sacred texts

These classes will focus on chanting and studying the meaning of the yoga sutras and other sacred texts in order to bring forward the use of mind, concentration, and meditative awareness in practice. Each session will begin with a chanting portion focusing on a selection mantra’s and sutra’s, and lead to a lecture and/or stories that aims to clarify the meaning of the texts, and illuminate their context within daily practice.

Recommended Book List

1) The yoga sutra’s workbook The Certainty of Freedom by Vyaas Houston
2) Vayu Siddhi by David Garrigues
3) The Bhagavad Gita translation by Barbara Stoler Miller
4) Astanga Yoga Book by Lino Miele

Important reference books

1) The Shiva Samhita (any translation)
2) The Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Singh

Made Happy by Pictalo